#expression is essential

Le Corbusier famously observed, “A house is a machine for living.” We believe the same goes for clothing, more specifically the t-shirt. Less a machine for living but an essential tool for living. We also believe that a great t-shirt is a symbol of a life well lived.


Being positive, being open minded and living your life in the present are essential attitudes to support your ability to be your best. You deserve the best and in searching to be the best we looked to the modernist architecture movement to reflect our purpose. The modernists worked tirelessly to ensure their buildings stood the test of time.

Our eyes are made to see form in light and so light and shade reveal these forms. 

The forms of modernist architecture are beautiful in their simplicity yet complex in their structure. They are designed to appear simple, essential, and specific. Their beauty comes from the time, effort and uncompromised approach to creating form at its absolute purest. This was our approach when creating this brand. We believe in the simplicity of the form created by the uncompromised pursuit of excellence in its design. In whatever shape it takes.

Our objective


As creative people, we believe in the power of ideas, expression, and collaboration. Two Fifty Seven apparel is an extension of those beliefs. Made with care, in the heart of Toronto, the sale of each limited run garment helps to support Sketch, a non-profit arts program in Toronto.

Sketch has amazing programs to help youth on the margins.

Visit sketch.ca to find out more.

Our Commitment to you!

Visit our store and be one of the first 25 customers to buy one of our limited run shirts and receive a Signature Series logo shirt for free. 


Just email your sales receipt to hello@two50seven.ca and we will send you your shirt.